Fletcher Audio

Fletcher Audio
The name Tom Fletcher will be known to many audiophiles and followers of specialist audio. For many years he honed his trade in turntable design and manufacturing of the highest level with Nottingham Analogue. These days his name is synonymous throughout the world with the best quality vinyl music reproduction. Now he is the design mastermind behind a new company, Fletcher Audio, created to offer the highest possible quality European handcrafted turntables with an unquestionable pedigree. Please click the image above to see our full range of Fletcher Audio products.

Fletcher Audio Omega Point 3

Over the past 3 years, Tom has been working obsessively to obtain a more in-phase player than his previous models. He has succeeded in this goal to such an extent, he has amazed all so far, who have heard the OP3. One dealer who had the OP3 side by side with an Anna said the Anna sounded like an old tractor in comparison!


Fletcher Audio Omega Point 5

The Omega Point 5 will get you to a new level in audiophile analogue replay, being an advanced technological and musically-involving design.


Fletcher Audio Zero Tonearm

One of the features of this new arm is a complete resonance free bias system. It is also possible to adjust the anti-skating bias while listening to a record. Tuning the anti-skating bias by ear is really the only way to get it right and being able to do so without lifting the stylus from the record makes the job a whole lot quicker and easier.


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